[Updated 12/13/2019]

Pembleton HR Consulting is committed to giving back to our community. Last year we committed to donating a minimum of 2% of our GROSS revenues to worthy social agencies. This year, for the second year in a row, we have exceeded that commitment. In 2019 we have donated over 3.5% of our GROSS Revenues to social agencies. We again are focusing our donations to help children. Children cannot be held responsible for the situations that they find themselves in. This year we donated to Children’s Advocacy Center and the St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

In addition to monetary donations, I am now donating 1 morning per week to work with Children’s Advocacy Center as their HR Director.

[Update 12/14/2018]

Earlier this year, we committed to giving back to our community a minimum of 2% of our Gross Revenue (Not Profit) to local organizations that we feel are providing significant value to our community. These organizations were Escape Ministries, Children’s Advocacy Center, and The Center for Women in Transition.

I am proud to announce that for 2018, we significantly exceeded our commitment. For the 2018CY, we will have donated 3.2% of our Gross Revenue. That is over 150% of our commitment. Hopefully next year we can exceed that number.

[Original Post]

Effective 10/1/2018, Pembleton HR Consulting will donate a minimum of 2% of our Gross Revenue (not profit – revenue!) to local social agencies that represent the values that we try to aspire to.

For Calendar Year 2018 we plan to donate to the following organizatoins:

Escape Ministries (escape-out.org) The mission of Escape Ministries is to inspire, equip and empower at risk (children of promise) teens, young adults and their families, through faith in Jesus Christ, to become tomorrow’s leaders in the community.

Children’s Advocacy Center (www.cac-ottawa.org) Their mission is to protect children by providing prevention and multi-disciplinary intervention in investigation, assessment and treatment of child sexual abuse in an environment that is child sensitive, supportiuve and safe.

Women in Transition (cwitmi.org) The Center’s mission is to respond to , reduce, and prevent domestic and sexual violence. This mission will be achieved through education, collaboration and advocacy with crisis and supportive services to victims and survivors.

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