There is a good possibility that there are some major changes coming to Michigan employment law in early 2023. Specifically, changes to the Minimum Wage Laws and the Paid Sick Leave laws. Currently new legislation has been adopted that will drastically change these provisions, but the Michigan Supreme Court has issued a stay on implementing the new regulations. The stay expires on February 20th, but they can also end it earlier if they wish to.

Here are some of the bigger changes that may occur if no changes are adopted before the stay expires.

Minimum Wage: Not only is the minimum wage likely to increase, but the “tip credit” that many in the hospitality industry utilize may be phased out.

Paid Sick Leave: Currently the Paid Sick Time provisions only apply to companies with 50+ employees. Under the new regulations, these new laws may affect all businesses that employ even 1 employee. You may be required to pay employees for up to 72 hours of sick time per year. There are a number of options available to you as to how to address this requirement.

Everybody’s situation is different. I cannot offer a “one size fits all” solution, but I can help you create a contingency plan that you can implement if needed. While the final changes may not be announced until sometime before February 19th, you may want to create a contingency plan now in case they do occur.

If you would like to schedule a video call with me sometime in January, I can provide a more complete explanation of the upcoming changes, and help you with the contingency planning. If the laws do not change, I will not invoice you for that time. If they do occur, we probably just need to make some changes to your employee manual and compensation policies. I would expect the total invoice to be between $125 and $200.  Send me an email, or give me a call to schedule a time to discuss how this may affect your business

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