Under OSHAs National Emphasis Program (NEP) they will be conducting targeted inspections of facilities to ensure that workers are being properly protected from Covid-19 infection.

OSHA will be conducting inspections of “high-hazard” industries where they feel that there is increased risk of Covid-19 exposure. These industries are divided into Primary Targets and Secondary Targets.

Primary Targets include a list of industries under their heading of the “Healthcare industry” including hospitals, doctors offices, dentists, ambulance services, home health care, nursing homes, retirement communities and assisted living facilities.

Primary Targets also include non-Healthcare industries such as grocery stores, meat processing plants, general warehouses, and restaurants.

Their Secondary targets include other industries where there is a high likelihood of close personal contact. They identify miscellaneous manufacturing, food and beverages stores and agriculture as potential targets.

Effective March 12, 2021, local OSHA offices have been instructed to conduct targeted inspections from their list of companies fitting each category above such that they represent a minimum of 5% of their inspections

For further information see the OSHA website at https://www.osha.gov/enforcement/directives/dir-2021-01cpl-03

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